South Coast Scribblings

By SueSouth

In place

Before I went to the hairdresser this morning we noticed that a big yellow tower was being constructed on the building site at the back of our house. When I got back from there my son said, “Good news! It’s a huge crane!” At this stage they were raising the (?balancing arm) of the crane and fixing it to the tower. Around five o’clock they started raising the huge main part of the crane - which I filmed as it was quite a sight! A man with a rope was trying to keep it steady as it was going upwards. They eventually got it fixed on and the result is what you see in the photo. They swung it right round (it seems ominously near when they do this!) and left it right across our skyline. So pretty! ;-). It is now a landmark that can be seen right across the village.

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