simple moments

By simplemoments

flying overhead...

...a hawk

i couldn’t believe it

i saw a brief flash of white - looked up, saw it again - a 3rd time and i jumped up - scrambling to grab my camera - then race for the balcony - all the while mumbling - to myself not to trip - not to fall - not to break anything - of course, if you know me - you know i have a history - of all these things

fortunately i made it to the balcony - unscathed and in time to - see this gorgeous hawk - i believe it’s a cooper’s hawk - however there are those of you - much better versed at identifying - birds of prey so please help - if i am wrong since i do long to be accurate - anyway it was flying super close - just overhead of me - but i think i startled it - coming out because i only got - several shots off before - it turned rapidly and almost - before i could blink - it was out of sight

there is nothing quite so breathtaking - as to observe a majestic - bird with wings fully outstretched - in front of you - it makes your heart race - your pulse quicken and every - nerve in your body - stand at attention in joyful wonder - it’s truly been...


happy day.....

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