This morning, a lady who lives locally came to pick up a small filing cabinet which JJ has decided he no longer needs.  Rather than take it to the tip or charity shop I advertised it on our estate website and it was snapped up.

I was washing the breakfast dishes when I spotted what I thought was a dragonfly or hawker on the fence but couldn't be sure because it was quite a distance away.  Once it lifted off I was sure and as it came back to the same spot I dashed for my camera, and keys to the outside door.  I took quite a few shots as I got nearer and it seemed quite content to sit and watch me.  I couldn't get any closer without falling in the flower border.

Off to the golf club this evening for a "Swing" evening and hog roast.  N0, not "Swingers" before you get any smutty ideas.

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