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By ValC

Celebrating 900 years. 1119. - 2019

Gisborough Priory is celebrating 900 years, and this is the dramatic skeleton of the 14th Century church’s east end.
One of the first Augustinian priories to be built in England.
Gisborough was founded by the Bruce family, ancestors of Robert the Bruce, King of Scotland. The canons rebuilt their church no fewer than three times.

There would have been a huge stained glass window set in intricate tracery in what is now the central arch.
The doorways on each side led to spiral staircases giving access to the upper storeys of the church and the roof.
The centre of the wall was knocked out in the early 18th century to improve the view of the hills beyond.
Certainly a magnificent sight.

Our day started with a visit to the butchers in Gt. Ayton to buy more pork pies for lunch, which we then ate at Guisborough Forrest Car Park, before having a walk through the woods.
There are many trails, but we on,y did a short one this time, part of which was the “ Trim Trail”.
Thought you would laugh at the photo Mr C took of me climbing over the first exercise.
( see extra) I won’t tell you what his comment was!
Also an extra photo of one of the sculptures on the Sculpture Trail.

Another enjoyable day.
We finished off with Fish and chips from the mobile chippy which comes to the village on Friday evenings.
The name made me laugh.
“ Chip’ n’ Dales “
How witty is that!

Another full and enjoyable day, and good weather too. Not a lot of sun but 20C. so can’t grumble.

Sorry can’t upload the extras at the moment. Will try later.

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