Sneaky Papparazzi

Thanks to Julia, asking for some help today, I had a trip to Carterton on the bike in lovely weather.
50 minutes there and a little more coming back because I went through Cheltenham. On the way there I noticed that there was a long queue approaching the roundabout at the A417/A436 roundabout at 'The Air Balloon'. It's a notorious bottleneck which, Insha'Allah, is going to get sorted out by a huge road development by 2024 and not before time too.

When I got to Carterton I didn't realise that Julia was photographing me through her front window, thank goodness as I haven't taken any photographs today.

The one of the 'kit' on the Harley is a still 'Snipped' from a bit of video I took.
Top left is my phone in a 'RAM Ball' carrier and I was using it with WiFi to my TomTom Bandit camera. When the camera is running I can see that it is working because it transmits the viewfinder to the phone. Not great though, not because of distraction but because the WiFi between the two appears to be not very efficient and the camera stopped recording after a few minutes when the connection was lost. Appeared to reinstate itself but the video did not turn back on.
Beneath that is my TomTom satnav, invaluable bit of kit. It's taken me all over the place including Belgium and France. I would have been literally lost without it. 
Just to the right of the satnav is the 12v accessory socket that I installed to drive the items above.
On the right you can see the red and black switch that operates the spotlights I recently installed.
The instruments look very basic, a Speedometer, but what you can't see is the lights that show ABS, Oil, battery, etc. The engine is air cooled by the way and boy does it get hot!
the grey rectangle is changed by a little switch (combined display and horn switch) to change to Trip A, Trip B, Odometer, Clock, Gear/Rev Counter combined to show you what gear you are in. Below the speedo is a black bar with Main Beam, turn signal left and right, 'N' neutral, and low fuel warning.
Harley Davidson have packed a lot of information into that small space and it works beautifully.

Well, that is a bit longer than I intended "WAKE UP AT THE BACK THERE!"

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