Ol' Blue Eyes

I spotted this magnificent male Southern Hawker having a rest in a sallow bush during my walk round the Boardwalks LNR. I used to visit this several times a week when I had dogs, but don't go very often now. It seems that I'm not the only one who's abandoned it. Since Froglife took over its management the paths have become severely neglected and today I had to battle though stinging nettles, bramble and other scrub to walk round the reserve. Not very appealing, and a singular failure on their part to meet their stated aim of making the reserve more attractive for wildlife and humans.

This evening we went out for a pub meal at Castor, and I treated myself to 'Ish and Chips', battered fried halloumi with chips, mushy peas and salad. Delicious, but I'm now feeling totally stuffed!

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