By TheOttawacker

Time to chill

The weather has turned a little cooler here on the west coast - a lot of rain overnight followed by a good 10 degree drop in temperature. 

Somehow, I managed to get dragged into another translation, and so while I slaved away, Ottawacker Jr was treated to a morning of football by Gienek and MacGuffin. The inevitable has now ensued, and MacGuffin is out and about, Gienek and OJr have collapsed in front of the television set. I was alerted to this by the sound of snoring... 

It's going to be hard for OJr to leave on Tuesday - even more so since we have just found out the school has not placed him in the same class as his best friend going into Grade 1. But for now he can be spoiled rotten and enjoy whatever is on the TV (or at least whatever he can hear over Gienek's melodic snoring).

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