Seeing Beyond Looking

By SandraSuisse

Fiery dawn

This morning between 5.40 and 6.45, the sky was a joy to behold! My camera says that this shot was taken at 6.39 am!  There will be a change in weather tomorrow with a drop in temperatures and rain (glorious rain), except that I have an outing with my daughter and grandson and we shall have to adapt.

The crocheted pieces have just been made as six coasters in cotton for a friend who lives in Canada and has her birthday in September. Her favourite colours are yellow, orange and green!

I thought these colours were appropriate for the last day of August, representing heat and with a hint of autumn colours to follow.

The view of the sunrise were taken from my office, aiming my camera between buildings on the right and left and below!  I think the nearby neighbours opposite are used to my dashing out onto the balcony at strange times of the day in my nightwear!!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend!

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