One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

Will she? Won't she?

In the end she didn't. Well I'm saying this but for all I know she may still be there, wondering whether to jump or not.  
She was already there when the boys and I arrived at the Forty Foot and met with BS
She was still on the verge of jumping in as we swam and dived and jumped and swam some more. 
She looked like she was about to finally jump in as we dried ourselves and put on some clothes.
We had another brief chat with BS, and laughed at the fact that she may still be there next week. 
We laughed. 
While we laughed, she was still there, oscillating, about to conquer her fear, but holding back at the last second, in a never-ending waltz of hesitation. 
We laughed and we shouldn't have. 
She was trying hard. She was trying so hard. 
But I sort of knew right from the beginning that she would not jump in. 
I don't think she did. If the previous 45 minutes were anything to go by, she wasn't going to either. 

Fair play to her friend who never gave up on her and stayed in the water all the time and kept encouraging her. 

I hope that she recovers well from her pneumonia... 

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