By Shutterup

one, two... miss a few

I think this blip marks 6 years of postings since l was introduced to this website. I still absolutely love posting photos here although now do one or two and miss a few hence 6 years is up only a few months from my official 7th anniversary (november).  

Thank you to everyone involved in keeping this website special.  I have only met kindness here and no harsh words except once and it was to do with political opinions and l hope that will never happen again!  Whilst l spend less time here than l used to l do really enjoy seeing the quality of photographs and thoughts that make up so many journals here.  I still get a thrill when someone considers my posting worthy of a star or perhaps (but less frequently) a heart and in six years l have never made it to the top 10 of the popular page.. but never mind... one day l might reach those heady heights!!
Thank you for looking in.. and celebrating a wonderful website

I like figs... their waterbomb appearance and soft fleshed plumpness is so satisfying.  Not to mention the joy of eating a good ripe one.  These are going to have to be still life models for a day or so first !!

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