Where the Light Gets In

By DHThomas

A visitor

drama friend jacqui
came to pay me a visit
last day of august

I saw on one of her FB posts on Friday that she planned to visit a town very close to where I am at the moment and said so in a comment. "In that case, I'll come and see you", she commented back. Then something came up and she was not sure she'd be able to come at all.

In the end, the matter she had to settle was done and dusted by midday so she took the road at the beginning of the afternoon.

However, her satnav gave her grief and she got waylaid. She finally arrived around 4 and we had two hours together. It was so good to see her - hadn't happened in a while as she didn't take part in the summer play and she only came to the rehearsal for a social visit once or twice in the first semester.

Extra: Jacqui: a hand portrait (special issue)

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