By Rosemarie55

Autumn Fireworks!

15°C  -  16 mph Wind  -  Cloudy  -  Partly Sunny.  We’re abiding by the Meteorological Autumn today.  Meteorologists define seasons based on climatic conditions and the annual temperature cycle, so the Meteorological Autumn season starts today  -  1st September  -  and ends on 30th November.   My Sycamore tree definitely abides by it  -  evidenced by the number of leaves that are beginning to fall!   The Astronomical Autumn, however, is based on the September equinox and begins on 23rd September and ends on 22nd December.  Take your pick!   I’m clearing my desk getting ready to install my HP Envy 27” AIO PC  hopefully on Tuesday, so this lamp is one that’s had to go  -  it’s taking up too much room.  My main blip shows it all lit up in a darkened room  - the extra shows it in daylight  -  not nearly so dramatic, which it has to be to herald in the meteorological autumn!  Have a restful Sunday, everyone:)

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