Two steps forward...

By stevvi

The Great British Seaside

I didn’t really like this photo at first but it’s grown on me. As our politicians fight for, or against, “democracy” (as if “first past the post” was ever fair in the first place!) I thought I’d ponder the good old days and leave Brexit far behind for a while. I think this pic has nearly all that’s needed to start celebrating Britain... thin kids, fat kids, a fishing net (apart from empty crisp packets, what do people catch in these?), a backside, an oldish woman in shades and a hat (probably in a winter coat too!), a hamper (of sorts) and, of course, concrete! I’m sure that if you look hard enough you’ll find a set of car keys lost in the sand, a hypodermic needle, a used condom and half a ham sandwich. If only there was a “kiss me quick” hat... Anyway, this is the seaside stuff that made Britain really great and it’s certainly still alive and kicking in Canvey, so who needs bloody Brexit anyway?!

I’ve included the highly dubiously processed extra to further prove that you don’t need rose tinted glasses to appreciate the real Great Britain.

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