By Ingeborg

The eye of the sunflower

So it's September already and overnight the wind has turned and it's getting cooler. The wind brought the pot with sunflowers down several times today, so I've put it under the porch roof for shelter for now, but of course that's not a good place regarding catching some sun. This flower is funny in that it hasn't grown above its own leaf making it difficult to actually 'shine' all the way. Just look at all that golden pollen on the leaf !

Thanks so much for all the Abstract Thursday entries last week, and what a great collection of superfartnarkled images there is now. For those unaware what fartnarkling means, as I remember it is Blipper Ninniex who introduced us to the term, apparently there is an Australian  term called 'farnarkling' and I'm imagining that somehow the term 'art' was merged into it, in any case I think it means taking (a lot of) time to edit an image, or if you want editing over the top :-)

Here's my list of superfartnarkled images entered last week (but really there were so many others too)

dbifulco                for a lovely super twirl
Tigger101            for a great fabrication
LifesJourney       for circles and zooms and waves and twirls
Pl4yPh0to        for a map gone mad
Dollykgray            for making what to me looks like a ceramic elephant's head out of B&W birch trees

This coming Thursday is the first one in the month of September, so as usual there is no theme and you are free to post anything you like, as long as it is abstract and you had fun seeing/taking/making it. The tag will be AT219

Thanks very much for the kind comments and stars for this morning's backblip on yesterday's neighbourhood BBQ.

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