All you need is love

By pascolicious

Red Apple Falls

Rough day at work.
Came home with a headache, weak, and shaky. At something and lounged about.

I enjoy dinner lately because I usually eat with my parents and we just talk. It's nice and sometimes I wish it was just the 3 of us. When I went to that movie with them a couple weeks ago, I really enjoyed the time with them. If only my brothers weren't around....

After dinner, I decided to go out and find these DVDs I've been looking for. I wanted to workout using DVDs from the TV show "The Biggest Loser". I watch it with my parents on Tuesday nights and I'm hooked. And I've recently started working out not necessarily to lose weight (though, I do want to lose 5 lbs -- big whoop) but to tone and generally feel better. It's a good stress reliever for me.

Anyway, I found 2 DVDs (not the ones I wanted originally, but I'm still satisfied) and brought them home to show my mom. We put one in and did the level one work out together. It was a lot of fun and now my mom and I are going to work out together every morning.

Kevin is heading out here tomorrow. He wants to look for jobs in Chicago so he is coming to stay for a bit. I can't wait to see him and I'm incredibly excited that he's going to be around for more than a few days. I really hope he can find something here so please, everyone keep your fingers crossed for Kevin finding a job!

Good luck, love <3

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