By mollyblobs

Smile for the camera

I was given a considerable quantity of very ripe damsons yesterday, so a significant part of the early afternoon was spent turning them into spiced damson chutney - not too difficult once I'd stoned the little blighters!  I left it simmering while I went for a slow amble round Thorpe Wood.

Everything has grown so much that I scarcely recognised parts of it, but I was pleased to see that lots of the Nettle-leaved Bellflower were still in bloom, and any sunny spots were heaving with Common Darter dragonflies. This one wasn't at all bothered by me or my camera, and seemed to be enjoying its photoshoot from the smile on its face. 

The chutney took a long time to reduce, so I've only just got around to pouring it into jars - ten of them filled with a glorious deep red, unctuous  delectation which will taste even better when it's matured for three months. 

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