Grateful Days

By Nickimags888

Mono Monday - MM293 - Weather

I put some washing on when it was looking like a lovely sunny day, but by the time it was finished we had rain!!! I hadn't checked the weather forecast this morning, most unlike me, but not to worry as it's beautiful again now and the washing can go out on the line. I took advantage of the raindrops on the line for my first week of hosting Mono Monday, with the theme of WEATHER. I'm really pleased that I managed to get the refraction of the cloud in the raindrop, I've put the colour version in extras if you want to take a look. I'll be announcing hearts on Wednesday or Thursday.

Also in extras The 3 Amigos were so excited to have a look at my landlord's classic cars. The cars are normally in the garage so it was a perfect opportunity to let the boys have a look at the zooped up Mini and the 2CV.

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