Truly Blippin' Marvelous

By JohnEdward


Wind: Beaufort 1, light air, westerly.
Temperature: last night's minimum, 57ºF(14ºC) currently , 10:00 local       time,  78ºF (25.5ºC), forecast high for today 82ºF(28ºC).
Relative humidity: officially 30%, here at home 57% and 30% indoors.
Minimal cloud with increasing cloud in the afternoon.
Barometric pressure at 7000'(2134M) approximately 20.7inches (1006 millibars)

       Ah, reminds me of when we kept track of the weather in the last year at primary school . . .

EXTRA: A wider angle of view, 76º at 17mm, in the same patch of sky this afternoon.

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