Baling the second cut silage

Started raking after noon. Got maybe 1/5th of it done when one of the rake arm shafts broke! To get it all done by 5 pm when the baling was due, I had to fetch the contractor's rake and finish the job with it. It's bigger and not all my fields would be accessible with it, but luckily these were.

The baling went quickly. Unfortunately that's partly (*) because of the poor yield on most of the area. Only a little corner of first year grass with lots of clover and one small shady field were better.

The broken shaft is on the same side as the oil leak, and I'm seriously considering changing the whole gearcase as it's available for surprisingly reasonable price and it would cure both problems and possibly help avoid more broken shafts. Of course it would be also much easier to do than disassembling and reassembling the whole gearcase to change the shaft and the seals.

* Partly because of the big rake, so fewer swaths.

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