David J. Rose

By djrose007

Our wildlife!

We get the odd fox lurking around our garden but you can't get close to get a decent photograph with a phone and I've never got my 'proper' camera handy at the time.
These two never let me down though.
Our young blackbirds and the resident hedgehog, who got stuck under the gate this evening, or at least I think he was unless he was just frozen because Jonty barked at him. I gave him a little nudge but he didn't move so I unlocked the gate and as I gently opened it he moved off a few inches.
He stayed there until I got a decent photograph and then scurried off.
Maybe he got stuck because he'd eaten so many slugs and snails, good lad :-)
The blackbirds are still breeding as the photo is one of a pair of young blackbirds that are eating grapes that are falling off the vine. There's lots of bunches on the vine and they are lovely grapes, very sweet, but they do have pips.
The young blackbirds are so unafraid of us that we can wander around the garden and they take hardly any notice of us other than an odd glance. I think their parents have told them we are ok and won't hurt them, and neither will the dog but he just barks sometimes!

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