By TheOttawacker

Dinner time

Ever since we arrived here in Victoria, Ottawacker Jr and I have been subjected to an intense assault on the waistline. While OJr can run it off in 5 seconds, I am not so lucky.

Three times a day, more if we show any signs of being hungry or, say, slow down as we walk past the kitchen, this wonderful woman puts a dish of unparalleled excellence on the table, feeding us up to face the day, afternoon, early evening or bedtime. I should have realized what would happen when we were met off the plane at 9 p.m. with a massive sandwich and a freshly made quiche. Since then, well .. wow. So Iwona, a huge and massive thanks for doing all of this on your own, refusing all offers of help and support, and for opening my eyes once again to the fact that if vegetables are tasty enough, a 6-year-old will happily eat them. 

Dziękuję bardzo

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