By flying


.....something calming about standing on a bridge, feeling the sun upon ones back while quietly looking down......

Watching plants moving with the current, admiring colours mingling together, greens, blue's and browns, occasionally a stick would drift by not interfering with life below while further out rippled reflections from naked trees aligning the banks seem to haunt the pristine and clear.

Tuesday.....pleasant 15C, sunny while many clouds drifted by. I was in the city for an eye specialist appointment. I'm back on meds for 8 weeks and then there are options, time will tell how it will all pan out. 

Thank you for your kind words, stars and fav's over recent days. My sincere apologies for not replying, just having to take a step back from the computer for a wee while due to my eyes. It is frustrating but one has to be sensible. I truly appreciate your visits, thanks everyone :)

Enjoyed this bit of calmness for some time to ponder.

Happy Tuesday :)

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