Daily Tales

By PamelaJ

Up the garden

I've spent the day so far at the hospital having chemo. I've been on the "drip" since 11.30 and it now 4.30pm and there is at least another hour to go.

I have been very bored and keep nodding off to sleep. I brought the novel The Keeper of Lost Things by Ruth Hogan to read. In spite of its glowing criticisms, it does not appeal to me. After eight small chapters I have abandoned it.

I also have with me a little Penguin paperback- Akutagawa& others, Three Japanrse Short Stories. A translation by Jay Rubin. This is a better read, but I have temporarily lost interest in reading.

I would rather be outside in the sunshine . Its been another lovely day as seen through the window of this room.

The garden is very overgrown but it is looking lovely. My blip is taken from the glass room and is the view up the garden to the field and stables beyond.

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