By dfb24

A change in the weather...

...no doubt brought about by my wish for yesterday's perfect weather to last for awhile! Haha! We woke up to thunder and pouring rain, which stopped by about 8:00 or so, and while the temperature is a comfortable, non-humid 80, it's been drizzling off an on all day. I did a lot of cleaning this morning then went to do some shopping. The only redeeming factor about the shopping (which I really hate to do) is that it's for Mae, who turns 4 on the 8th., and I needed to get going on presents. Once I got home I found the tinies doing what I'm doing soon....sitting down with something to eat and drink, and get my book done. I've got two of them due back at the library on Friday & am only halfway through one & haven't started the other. I'm way behind on commenting too--sorry--but this has been a really busy time for me. I'll catch up eventually, & thanks for commenting and leaving stars and hearts while I haven't been commenting back!  Thanks to Hanulli for her tiny people challenge & to JDO for hosting TT this week.   :))

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