By FrauPic

Posh Bremen Houses

Started out as "one of those days": a nightmare, then a moody morning followed by bad news on the network, later a run-in with a crazy, hostile person on the tram... I'd somehow worked myself up after changing trams and felt rather teary walking the last bit to school (and wondering how I should cope with 200 kids in such fashion). A workmate (who'd been on the same tram and caught up) asked me how I felt and then kindly listened to all that rubbish I had on my mind. That was the turning point of the day. Sometimes, life is good - no matter what things look like :)
Physio by another therapist today - she really set me to task. Also gave me hard exercises  for homework that I sorely and grudgingly promised to do (and I will, too). I have a feeling that she actually provided more help than the softer approach before.
RoR dinner tonight, which was lovely, too. This world is still in need of repair, though.

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