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The Nose on the Odor

I was keen to continue with all the fun new stuff that I started with both Hero and Gollum yesterday, but it was ages since we have done any Nose Work, so that was on the agenda for today. 

After our walk in the woods, I drove to the shops and placed 5 hides in the parking area and then I went gorcery shopping. When I came back out, I let all the boys search for the odor. 

This is little Biscuit with his Nose on the odor. If you look carefully, you might be able to see a small white dot just to the left of his nose. That is where the scent is placed. 

I had placed most hides a bit high today, so some of them were difficult for Biscuit to reach, but I rewarded for getting to the odor rather than for a clear indication, so it was a success for him too. 

You can see a video on one of his searches here!
And another one here!

All 3 boys worked well. 

Gollum, who is the most experienced Nose Work dog, found the hides fast and efficient.

Biscuit - well you can see the videos.

Hero does a lot of running before he settles and starts using his brain.

3 different dogs and 3 different styles. That's what makes dog training so interesting. It is never 'one size fits all'.

See you tomorrow
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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