Grateful Days

By Nickimags888

Grasshoppers and Doggie Ice-cream

After yesterday's mini road trip we decided to have a quiet day at home. The boys were fascinated by this field grasshopper, but got a bit spooked when it jumped high if they got too close to it. I managed to get them to keep their distance so that it could get away, they were such good boys.

This afternoon I did my weekly shop. The boys were very excited when they saw a sign for doggie ice-cream, something I didn't know even existed over here. I calmed them down by mumbling something about 'maybe another time'.

Poor Rik had another call out for work, the first being woken up at 5am this morning, so he had go back out after only being here for about 10 minutes. Whilst he was on his call out I discovered that the hot tap on the bath wasn't working properly, and the the boys were keen to try and fix it. I think they were still had that doggie ice-cream on their minds. When Rik got back he fetched some tools from the shed, but didn't need them as the tap was working properly again. Hurray!

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