By MeMeMe_Mimi

Another selfie

Except it's not a selfie because, as a wise member of Blipfoto once told me, it is simply a self-portrait.
My quote unquote self-portrait was taken today at the dentist (you can probably tell from the colour of the wall behind me. Dentists and hospitals are the two places that always have walls with horrible shades of what looks like a mixture of cat puke and the 'matured' cheese my dad likes to eat. As he puts it, cheese NEVER goes out of date apparently) where I was waiting to get my tooth pulled out.
The tooth started bothering me a while back when a massive chunk came out of it (which had absolutely nothing to do with my not-so-healthy-diet whatsoever) and it just sort of deteriorated over time. Food got stuck in the hole and it began to decay so when it became loose you can sort of see why I was so eager to get the damn thing out of my head.
As I started on the tedious process of yanking at it, I soon realised it wasn't coming. I then enlisted the help of Mamio. She was more successful than me, in a way. Half of it she managed to sever from the gum and the other half just stayed wedged. It was very painful and half my tooth was hanging out which wasn't cheering at all so thanks to Mamio I managed to get a pretty speedy dentist appointment.
I am now liberated from the awful tooth and it feels good.
Very good.

*Of course the pile of homework I had to do was also really irritating but I decided to focus my blip on the tooth today.
**Also: apologies for not blipping in what I think (?) is two days I have literally taken ZERO photos

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