There Must Be Magic

By GirlWithACamera

Michael Row the Boat Ashore

We've been trying to get in as much swimming as possible, so on Wednesday morning, we headed to Greenwood Furnace for a swim. There weren't many people there, and we had the swimming area all to ourselves. Once again, we were the only ones in the water. It was a fine, chilly swim.

We watched a bird doing some amazing diving maneuvers. I suspect it may have been a cormorant, as I've seen them there before. It was only on the surface briefly, and then it would be gone, underneath, for a long time.

I told my husband about the bird. "Oh come on," he said; "You're telling me it's holding its BREATH all that time?" But then we both saw it doing its thing, and he admitted I was right. It was pretty cool to watch, but difficult to photograph: a game of whack-a-mole, only with cameras and birds.

I walked around and took some pictures: of the pretty little graveyard on the hill, the tree rows, the lake with its reflections. And I wanted a picture of this little boat on the shore that spoke to me of summer's end.

The scene made me think of a song, and so I hummed it to myself: here is Maggie Wheeler, with Michael Row the Boat Ashore.

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