Veni. Vidi. Cepi.

By carol_dunham

Bur-sur-Seine to Sedan 134 miles

Today has been somewhat surreal...having hit the road reasonably early as our companions were headed for the tunnel we had a coffee stop planned just before we were due to split up. Due to roadworks the rest area was closed and the next stop was just we encountered a host of Chinese citizens who treated us like film stars whilst they had a private photo shoot with the was like Disney!

After splitting we headed for Sedan enjoying a nice lunch before walking to the St Charles communal cemetery where my great uncle is buried. A very peaceful location and beautifully maintained...but such a waste of young lives and so many unnamed graves!

Tonight we’re staying in the Chateau...the largest fortified medieval castle in Europe. Tomorrow we head for Zeebrugge to catch the ferry.

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