By pensionspoet

St Lawrence Church, St Benedicts Street, Norwich

But I didn't take this photo from St Benedicts Street, which runs parallel with this road. The church front on one road and backs onto the other. There are a set of steep steps at either end as a cut through, but St Benedicts is on a much higher level than the road I was on. Hence my looking up at it - which I like. I had to position myself so that the sun was behind the other building, so as not to give a glare. I particularly wanted the unusual turret that is on one corner. I've walked past this so many times, but never noticed it before!

Work is manic. I hate this time of year, when there is so much work, and so much pressure. I was in at 8 again, and just leaving now. I had a fast walk at lunchtime to the Honda garage, where I had a nose. But a salesman came over to me, and they want to talk, when I don't.

The bus is 15 minutes late again. Yesterday I wasn't on it, but it was 20 minutes late. I suppose that's going to be the way my evenings are now until my next break at Christmas. An hour and 20 minute journey home.

Hope I'll be home by 6, then I've got to do the shopping as we are going out tomorrow evening for Daniel's birthday.

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