By HeidiHH


Still here - sweating tremendously.

I did my interval training this morning and it went surprisingly good. I didn't feel like I had any gram of energy in me, but during the warm-up I started to wake up. After that I've been sweating non stop.

We were supposed to have a rainy day, but there was only some clouds traveling around and looking moody. Now it's full on sunshine again.

I think I'm on my diet's fourth day and I don't feel that good. Anything I eat, it just makes me sick with pain. I think that if I'm not getting better in few days, I'll need to change something. At least I've tried.

Last night was hot. I woke up at midnight and I got an ice pack from the freezer and a small towel and used the ice pack with the towel to cool my body. It actually helped quite good. I actually had to put a sheet over me for "warmth" and I was able to sleep again. So that's a trick I can share with the world. At least it helped me. And I'm going to try it again if I need to.

The picture is from our neighborhood. If you didn't figure it out already, it's a shower by the pool! Quite neat!

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