Moving House

Quite a stressful journey from Surrey to Sedbergh (Yorkshire Dales), with three cats loose in the car. I had been volunteered to help with the driving. My friends had bought the cage you can see behind the seat which would do a fine job of keeping a dog safe but not 3 stressed out, terrified Bengal cats who all managed to squeeze out.  One escaped from the cage and defecated on the front seat before we set off. Another trod on the window opening button and leapt out into the garden, again before we set off and luckily not half way up the motorway. The other eventually seemed happy sleeping in a cat box until it decided it needed a poo.......then it went ballistic trying to get out.  Anyway after 2.5 hours they stopped yowling and after another 3 hours we arrived in Sedbergh.
The other 2 shots are my friends waving good bye at their old house and hello at the new one. I've come home for a glass of wine and some peace and quiet.  I'll go back tomorrow and see how they are getting on.

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