Crazy About Birds

By Kimb

Clapper Rail

Last year I saw a clapper rail at a particular point on the bike ride over from Chincoteague to Assateague - so I was on the lookout for another. Today the tide was right (out) and as I glanced over the railing of the pedestrian bridge I was biking across, there it was! Or another - who knows if it's the same bird? In any case - I was delighted. And amused that it doesn't seem to be bothered by a person standing above it on the little bridge pointing a camera down at it.

We had a cool, windy walk on the beach this morning and then were surprised by a sudden rainstorm and got thoroughly wet on the way home. Fortunately I routinely carry plastic bags so both my phone and camera were okay. The rain stopped and hasn't (yet) resumed - but we expect it to begin in earnest tonight as Dorian trundles past. Hatches have been battened down. We bought some water and candles just in case the power goes out. We expect a lot of the roads to have some minor flooding - but not a complete disaster. We'll see!

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