By ColdCoffee


Today Little Boo is 9 months old!
For just over 9 months I grew and nourished his body inside mine, creating his nervous system, his fingernails and his eyelashes. I felt his every move, his wriggling, kicking and stretching. I knew him before we met.
When he was a squishy newborn bundle I could have told you how stubborn and energetic he would be, how he would push limits and not be a people pleaser. I knew that he would be cheeky and kind, and want to interact with everyone in a room. I knew that he would LOVE music the way he does now, and I always knew he’d be one of those dancing, bopping, bum wiggling babies whenever we start singing.
The way you bond with a baby you’ve never met whilst pregnant is a mystery really. I’m so glad for these 9 months earthside, getting to know him more and see him change, grow and learn so many things every day. I wouldn’t change him for the world.

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