After the rain

this nasturtium was dripping :)

In the extra : Cheeky Miss Charlie on the side windowsill this morning - she has never been up there before!!

Lots to do, apologies for lack of commenting!

In other news  My house is up online now.  Fingers and everything crossed it sells quickly... All in the lap of the God's now :)

Finally a rant :SHAME ON the driver of the SCOUTING IRELAND van who sat on my tail too close on the motorway and blinding me with flashing lights then full beam lights in the 50 limit where they're making the 'smart motorway'!!

I was doing the limit so what's the problem???  And I couldn't move over due to a motorcycle in the middle lane and a lorry behind that!

So glad to get to work in one piece this morning (and home safely this evening)!  I had flashing lights for a couple of hours afterwards...

End of rant!

Happy Weekend folks :)

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