By P3dro

The Lasses

The first night of the Leadhills Music Blast and I would think it would be deemed a success. There were 50 or so people in the village hall for the three bands that played tonight. Which from a population of just over 300 probably isn't too bad, although there were some who could have made the effort but chose not to, for whatever reason.

These events may not be as big or as scuzzy as my usual fare, but they need support. For sure, there was some external funding, but in the final analysis it comes down to numbers of heads through the door. And if there aren't enough, then it won't happen again.

This is a brave effort by one person to try and put on a weekend of entertainment for the greater good. I really hope, come Sunday, he thinks it was a worthwhile exercise.

The Lasses came over from Holland on the ferry, being bounced around in some pretty inhospitable weather for 15 hours. It's probably only fair they get to play again tomorrow. I'll be back - I thought they were great.

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