One daze at a time...

By Raheny_Eye

The sweet spot

You know that if we were in the US (of A), today would most probably be the day when we'd hand you the keys to your first automobile. 
I am feeling quite generous for some reason. I might top up your Leap Card by EUR5. To go to the Chinese tomorrow. 
Yep boy, this is Ireland. Wake up and smell the cuppa tea. 

Mum may have got a bit teary when she made that speech after you blew the candles on the Hairy Day cakes. 
It was nothing to do with the glass and half of vino. Or the tiredness from being back at work.
She meant it. And she found the right words. 
You have come a long way. A long, long way actually. (Since that time when you shat on the carpet at that strangely unique* play date with the Jewish kid from your playschool).  
It wasn't always easy. With the Asparagus thing. But Mum fought all the battles. And more. She got you the support that you needed in school. Before that she got you the diagnosis when all around were in denial (mostly your Dad). She read the books and went to the meetings and the workshops and training sessions. 
Mind you, I wasn't totally useless. I managed to de-dramatise a few situations that got too dramatic. I kept things cool when there was a risk of overheating. I taught you to have a laugh when having a laugh helps to make things easier. 
And you have a brilliant sense of humour, if a little bit sarcastic at times (where the f*£$" did that come from?!)  
You are going to love transition year. 
You have already impressed us a lot with the determination shown in organising those work experience sessions. 
We are incredibly proud of you. 

As a special birthday present, Nana and I both agreed to that game of Risk. The Clash of the Titans. And after two and half hour, when we conceded, we could safely say that we did not let you win, because we love you, or because it's your birthday.
In Risk, there is no love. And there are no birthdays. 
You won that game. 

* I still can't figure out why they declined for their little boy to come to our place for a return play date and never asked you back... And no, I am not being antisemitic. 

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