Breakfast Interrupted...

When I got to work this morning the company computer said I didn't have any hours available to work today. Being on Electronic Logbooks for such a short time, I started going through the process to see what happened. Sure enough it showed I logged out of the system but it didn't actually log me out. Time to get the operating manual out.

The manual told me to log into the system via a separate computer to fix the Electronic Log, well I only had my phone so I hoped that would work. Bringing up the companies website it asked me for my company email address, my employee number, my alpha code and my password. I'm glad I had those all written down. I spent the next hour fixing my Electronic Log and the last step said wait 15 minutes and the system should be updated.

Should be.. Time to call tech support. After being on hold for 15 minutes the kind person on the other end verified that everything I did was right and the the system says I am good to start work. I kindly let them know that the company computer still says I wasn't allowed to work this day I was then put on hold. After a few minutes he came back and asked me if I had logged out of both systems and re-logged back into both systems. No why would I do that as the manual doesn't say that.. Well my boss was supposed to give us drivers an updated manual as this was one of those things that was overlooked.. After this was done I was able to go to work but I was over an hour behind. Time to skip fuel for the truck and breakfast. I got to the customer with 6 minutes to spare.

In the extra you have a forest waking up, a wild black bunny and one of the many parking lots I was in today. Saturday will be a quite day and Sunday will be spent with family... I hope everyone has a great weekend

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