By LornaL

September 7th 1939

Thursday September 7th

We heard from Theo*, which made this a gala day. He is somewhere in Lincolnshire, very short of sleep, but otherwise OK. 

Poland is suffering horribly, the Germans are 20 miles from Warsaw, and the casualties must be frightful.

Movements on the Western are still obscure. An artillery duel seems to be going on between the Maginot Line and the Siegfried Line.

South Africa has declared war and all the Colonies, bless them, are rallying round.

But it remains a nightmare, how can we take any satisfaction in our successes when it means that innocent German women are widows and German children are fatherless?

Whatever way you look at it it’s only dirty bloodshed and cattle stealing, and how long will it be before all the fine words mean nothing and we settle down to an unthinking struggle for mastery whose only law is kill or be killed? For now God sends us busy days and dreamless nights.

*Lorna's brother.

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