By hpx


Last week I was given a bunch of flowers from my garden designer's garden. These proteas are left and also something I'm unfamiliar with (cyclinder shaped flower with an interesting texture that reminds me of a gold pot mit).

My Nana grew proteas but I'm not sure if Mum. If I came across a dwarf protea I'd be tempted to get one but they're not common.

I walked into the kitchen late afternoon and the sun had backlit the top third of the flowers. They looked like they were caught in a pool of light.

Thanks to my friend's tall husband, the big tree stakes are in the ground and ready to have wind cloth attached to them.

There is a 4th stake and I'm wondering if I should add it too. If I do it will create a wrap around corner that may give just a bit more shelter. I'm thinking...

Today's gratitude: For somehow not taking a woman on a bike this morning. It was completely my fault. I didn't see her as I started to enter a roundabout. I'm a cyclist and a car driver. I didn't look well enough and even her bright orange top didn't catch my eye. That isn't an excuse. I was in the wrong because I didn't look hard enough.

As a cyclist I now know that if I enter a roundabout at speed, while I have the right of way with cars entering to my left, my speed will make it more difficult for drivers to spot me.

But by the grace of God go I. I'm sure she feels the same tonight.

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