The Kindness of People

I know... terrible to post two flowers in a row when I'm with my gorgeous grandchildren, but will hopefully have plenty more chance to Blip them.

These sweet peas were given me, from her garden, by one of my longest-standing friends. (Strange how, in English, it's hard to distinguish whether you mean the friend is old or has been your friend the longest.) She remembers that these were our wedding flowers and colours. Their scent is like honey, keep putting my nose in them to smell it.

- the kindness of people:
  Paul stocking us up with essential food supplies
  Chris giving us the key to his allotment while they're on holiday
  G&H gifting us sweet peas and chocolate
  Lydie and Asha making me beautiful earrings in my favourite colours
  Our co-grandparents inviting us for a delicious dinner tonight, and a bag of produce from their garden, and a bottle of (19 Crimes) wine
  Allegra making me a card
- the beauty of English gardens
- getting all the tomatoes we brought chopped up and made into a sauce, took me most of the morning, but it's done, see here.

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