Garden Woes

One of my favourite plants for Autumn coloured flowers has to be the large Sedum, sometimes known as Ice Plants.  For years I have sought out one with dark leaves and red flowers with a price attached that I was prepared to pay!  Last year I found one, which happily sat in a large container next to my back door, and this year was promising to be spectacular. Then one day this week I found it in pieces on the patio :-)

Further inspection showed the soil to be infested with vine weevil grubs which had eaten their way through the root system.

Once I got over my disappointment, I cut the flowering stems for the house which also gives me today's Blip.  Since Sedum are fair easy to root, I washed what was left of the root system and repotted it - you never know, something may grow.  The soil has gone into a black bag for general rubbish (i.e. land fill!) - not very green I know, but the only way to get rid of it without risking further infestation of my garden and local area.

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