By Pinkhairedlady


So the big day finally dawned and we were so lucky with the weather!

Up early to head to the hairdresser (well a lady does have to look her best!), picked up by my son and off to the supermarket to buy the last minute items and the all important ice.

Got home and sorted out the glasses and put the wine etc in to chill. Got the chipolatas ready to cook and the potatoes with rosemary on trays ready to bake. Last minute tidying up and we were done!

The blip is of the rooms all set up ready for the party as I completely forgot to take any pictures during the party!

We were able to spend most of the time in the garden until the temperature dropped too low when we had to retreat indoors.

I think there were around 40 of us and I managed to judge the quantities of food just about right as there are very few leftovers!
Much Prosecco was drunk and plenty of wine, beer and gin.

Finally went to bed around 1.30 so am back blipping on Sunday!

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