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We’re in Portland, Oregon, for a few days. The “Paris 1900” exhibit at the wonderful Portland Art Museum was one of our priorities, and it exceeded our expectations. Paris “hosted the world for the International Exposition of 1900” and 51 million “visitors from around the world” saw it.

The Portland exhibit featured “more than 200 paintings, decorative art objects, textiles, posters, photographs, jewelry, sculpture, and film... drawn from several City of Paris museums.” [All quotations are from the Portland Art Museum website.] It was restorative to immerse myself in this rich overview of beautiful — and sometimes challenging — reminders of the past.

(If you look closely at today’s blip, you’ll see another blipper enjoying a cup of coffee and the Eiffel Tower view. There’s a closer view of him in the extra photo.)

Blip 2024

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