Horse Show Day 2

We were back at the horse show today. 

- But today was an easier day as we only had to do one performance and my boys didn't have to do their routines (we had other dogs) - only Hero had to help me demonstrate training ideas and explain about the sport. Gollum and Biscuit had the day off from work, but enjoyed a lovely day watching horses have fun. 

The were so many exciting horse competitions to watch - my blip today is one of the more surprising ones! A hobby horse jumping competition! Look how high these little girls were flying over the jumps! I couldn't believe it! And there were one clear round after the other! Amazing!

Gollum and Ex-it came with Helle and me to the Arena to watch a sheepdog demonstration! OMG! They were so excited about the sheep that they nearly pulled themselves out of our hands to join in! We soon decided NOT to watch sheepdogs!

Oh and for those of you, who mistakenly still believe that the boys are always well behaved... Here is a video of Gollum and Ex-it who are doing their best to prove you wrong :-D These two really do make me laugh <3

So a good day - but sad that the weekend is already gone! That was quick!

My extra is Hero and I doing our 'talk' in the middle and a lot of fantastic horses.

Happy Sunday
Emmy and the Hazyland Boys

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