By WharfedaleBex


I wasn't sure if I'd bitten off more than Little Dog could chew but we headed on up the Pennine Way for a circuit nearly to Keld and back.  

After reading my book for a couple of hours last night (I've finished all four Dales Detective Agencies now - great fun despite the predictability), it was still only 10.30 and it took me a while to drop off. It was a cold old night in the van and, after Little Dog had got up twice to tell me she needed more fuel in her tank to keep her warm (monkey!), I wrapped her back up in her blanket and she went back off to sleep. 

With my breath visible when I woke up, I looked over to find Little Dog still looking like a cosy purple pasty and gave her the luxury of a warm breakfast in bed before we headed out.

She was doing fine until I spotted her limping.  We'd done all the ascent and weren't far off the half way mark so I was a bit unsure about what to do.  I tried a little massage and remarkably, all was well - no more limp! Maybe she'd just tweaked something because she was then bounding round like a nutter!

The temperature was gorgeous for walking and the fluffy clouds made Swaledale look an absolute picture. I've never walked here before so it was a real treat to be venturing somewhere new - and be able to finish the walk without stressing about Little Dog.

We headed back through Muker with a coffee stop in mind and enjoyed a lovely seat outside watching the world go by before making our way back to the van for a delightful journey home.

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