By Alichap21

Going down!

I'm still trying to work out the best way to travel to church now that the council have introduced parking charges for a Sunday.

If I want to park outside the church it will cost £8 for two hours. The Buchanan Galleries car park charges £3 for all day on a Sunday. The bus for someone of my advanced years is free but on a Sunday there are only two buses an hour. Today I parked near one of the subway stations and walked into town, across the Suspension Bridge and up Buchanan Street ...... it's not a bad walk on a fine day. After church I decided to pay £1 and take the subway the two stops back to where I had left the car.

The escalator going from Buchanan Street directly up to the second floor of Princes Square draws me like a magnet with the changing coloured lights. I travelled up so that I could take the photo looking down ..... glad there was no one watching me!

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