simple moments

By simplemoments


with snapdragons

yes, pink ones at that - would there be any question - of the color i would choose - fortunately, a friend of mine - has a wonderful planting - of them in her garden plot - downstairs so they were readily available - then i plugged the photo - into this new app - i found out about - through another friend on this sight - who used it during - a recent abstract challenge

that’s one of the wonderful - benefits of this community - when you visit other journals - you not only learn about different - cultures, people, perspectives, lifestyles - and what’s going on in their lives - you also learn photo tips - ideas, clues, get questions answered - and a whole lot more - i’ve learned a wealth of information - over the years - and am filled with gratitude - for how willing everyone - has been to share their knowledge - talent, skill and just themselves - on this site - truly you will never find - another social media site - like it, ever - it is that which has made it...


happy day.....

p.s. btw: the app is called kaleidacam

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