By dfb24

The Birthday Girl

Mae had a wonderful birthday today, & thank you for all the happy birthday wishes for her. My niece, sister & brother-in-law stopped over and brought a present for Mae that included the “birthday girl” headband and a “happy birthday” light up banner which Mae thought was just the coolest thing ever! (That’s my sister in the picture with Mae.) After we’d eaten & had cake, I headed over to the rehab Center with my sister to see our Aunt. My cousin had called yesterday to say that my aunt now has fluid in her lungs, swelling in her feet, & has been put on oxygen. Shortly after he’d called me, my sister called to tell me that the night before she’d had a dream. In the dream our mom appeared to her & told her that Jean was getting ready to come home. Gave me chills, as my sisters’ dreams are so often spot on, so that’s why we went today. She was up in a w/c & was so happy to see us; she said at times it was a little hard to breathe & she has no appetite, but her mind was as sharp as always. Still, as she reminded us as we left, she IS 94 so maybe she’d see us again & maybe she wouldn’t. I sure hope it’s the former!!

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